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    PANCE Performance Data

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    PANCE Performance Data  

    Five Year First Time Taker Average Pass Rate for Program: 94%
    Five Year National First Time Taker Average: 94%

    Definitions of Report Headings

    • Class - Class nomenclature and the individuals included in each class are determined by PA programs when assigning students to a particular class.
    • Class Graduation Year - Graduation year for the majority of the individuals in the specific class based on the confirmed graduation date provided by the PA program.
    • Number of First Time Takers - Number of individuals from the class who have taken PANCE for the first time as of the date the report was generated.
    • Program First Time Taker Pass Rate - Percent of the first time takers in the class who passed PANCE as of the date the report was generated.
    • National First Time Taker Pass Rate for the Class Graduation Year - National percent of first time takers who passed PANCE in the calendar year corresponding to the class graduation year. National pass rate data is not provided until the full calendar year’s data is available.

    Program Goal Assessment

    First-time PANCE pass rates above the national average

    • The class of 2016 had a first-time PANCE pass rate of 100%.
    • The class of 2015 had a first-time PANCE pass rate of 89%.

    Graduation rates of 93% or better

    • The class of 2015 started with 30 students. Two students left after the first semester for personal reasons. The remaining 28 students graduated, making the graduation rate 93%.

    Employment rates of 93% or better at six months after graduation

    • 96% of graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation. 100% were employed within 9 months.

    Alumni membership and participation in state PA organizations and the AAPA

    • Since this is the first class, the alumni association is brand new. They have elected officers and are starting to become active. The response rate on the 6-month graduate survey was 50%. Of these, 73% report being members of the AAPA and 47% are members of their state chapter.

    Alumni participation in the UC Physician Assistant Program (e.g. serving on program committees, assisting with interviews, becoming adjunct instructors)

    • The UC Community Advisory Board Committee has two graduate members. Three graduates helped with interviews for the new cohort of students.