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Prerequisite Courses

All applicants must complete the required prerequisite coursework in the following table prior to matriculation into the Physician Assistant Program. These courses do not have to be completed prior to application, but there must be a feasible plan for their completion prior to the program start date for which application is being made. Under no circumstances will applicants be allowed to begin the Physician Assistant Program if these courses are not completed prior to the program start date.

To be considered for the Physician Assistant Program, all prerequisite courses must be successfully completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Course Description Length

Human Anatomy

*Gross human anatomy course covering all body regions and systems designed for Biology majors.

1 semester 

Human Physiology 

*Course covering human physiologic processes designed for Biology majors.

1 semester

General Biology 

General biology course designed for majors. For UC students, BIOL 130 or NSCI 120 is acceptable.

1 semester


Microbiology course designed for Biology majors. Effective Fall 2012, UC students will be required to take BIOL 331 to fulfill this requirement.

1 semester

General Chemistry

General chemistry course series designed for Chemistry majors.

2 semesters


A 100-level or higher course directed towards an understanding of foundational statistics.

1 semester

College Algebra or Higher

A 100-level or higher course covering the foundations of Algebra. An introductory Calculus course or higher is acceptable.

1 semester


A 100-level or higher introductory or abnormal psychology course.

1 semester

**Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry

While not required, these courses are strongly recommended.  At least one semester 
**Medical Terminology
Any course in medical terminology   

*A two-semester combined Human Anatomy and Physiology course series is acceptable. Effective Fall 2012, UC students will be required to take BIOL 301 and BIOL 302 to fulfill this requirement.

** Suggested coursework


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