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Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPAR)

The Office of Sponsored Projects and Research (OSPAR) supports the research mission of the University of Charleston (UC). The office plays a key role in monitoring the many compliance and risk areas that are a large part of the conduct of sponsored research. It also has stewardship, management, and oversight of the administrative aspects of the research enterprise at UC.  The office also works with the Controller’s office to monitor cash management and cost analysis/financial compliance.

The OSPAR will work to identify sources of funding for projects identified by investigators using the University of Charleston Project Outline Form.  The completed form should be submitted to the Director, OSPAR. The OSPAR may also assist the investigator in writing and editing a grant proposal.  Investigators should review the Research Policies Manual and insure that a grant meets UC and federal guidelines.

OSPAR has two core functional areas: pre-award and post-award.

Pre-Award functions 

  • Assisting faculty in locating funding sources
  • Reviewing the proposal for compliance with institutional and external regulations
  • Reviewing the proposal budget for reasonableness, arithmetic accuracy, and completeness;
  • Accepting awards and ensuring they are administered consistent with sponsor and institutional policies
  • Mediating the award process with the sponsor to ensure university research policies, such as those relating to publication rights and other intellectual property rights, are adhered to, and that other financial and programmatic terms and conditions are acceptable to the institution

Post Award functions 

  • Monitoring expenses posted to the account for allowability, allocability, reasonableness, and adherence to university policy
  • Reporting to the sponsor on project expenses posted against budget
  • Invoicing the sponsor for expenses posted to the general ledger or relating to other contractual payment terms
  • Collecting income (in the form of checks and wire transfers) and posting that income to the account
  • Monitoring spending against budget, noting certain trends such as overspending or underspending
  • Completing the final financial report to the sponsor

Grant Approval Process 

All grants and contracts must undergo a two step approval process.  The grant routing forms are shown below.  The preliminary approval form is used to prevent submission of duplicate grants to the same sponsor or foundation. 

All grants and contracts requiring federal compliance, monitoring or reporting must be processed and approved by the OSPAR.  Other grants and contracts are the province of the Vice President for Development.  

Contact Information

Director of OSPAR
Dr. Dennis Flaherty
Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy

OSPAR Documents

Research Policies Manual 

Project Proposal Form 

Preliminary Grant Approval 

Final Grant Approval Form