University of Charleston School of Pharmacy offers new opportunities for interested students


Charleston, WV – Students who are interested in attending pharmacy school now have two new options at the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy.  

The UCSOP is offering a Regional Tuition Scholarship, providing a discount on tuition for a limited number of pharmacy students from states surrounding West Virginia. Those who are living in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Washington, D.C., will automatically receive the regional scholarship when they attend the UC School of Pharmacy. The Scholarship is automatic, and will provide a $4,750 discount for each year of UC Pharmacy School. This makes UC tuition competitive with other state institutions.

In addition, students who are accepted into the University of Charleston pre-pharmacy program will be guaranteed a place at the UC School of Pharmacy when they graduate. Pre-pharmacy students must remain in good academic standing throughout their undergraduate years, but if they do, their acceptance to UC School of Pharmacy is automatic.

“We are very proud of the leadership role the UC School of Pharmacy and our student pharmacists play in our communities,” explained Dr. Michelle Easton, Dean of the School of Pharmacy. “We offer a strong program, with a track record of success, and we want to be sure that every student who wants to enroll in pharmacy school has a good chance to do so.”

 Both new options are available for students entering either UC or the School of Pharmacy in fall 2019.