UC School of Pharmacy to Provide Free Naloxone Safety Bracelets


Charleston, WV – Safety bracelets indicating that a person is carrying Naloxone will be provided as a courtesy of the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy on Saturday, August 25, 2018 during Overdose Awareness Day at the West Virginia Capitol Complex.

The bracelets were created based upon feedback from a participant of the Kanawha Charleston Health Department Harm Reduction Program.  When a friend overdosed no one knew his friend had naloxone in his pocket.  He suggested a bracelet to signify that the wearer is carrying naloxone. 

UC School of Pharmacy believes this bracelet could be a live saving measure and created the silver/gray bracelets with the wording "I HAVE NALOXONE, IF NOT BREATHING CALL 911 AND ADMINISTER IF ABLE" to act similarly to a medical alert bracelet.  UCSOP assistant professor Dr. Lindsay Acree, a certified naloxone trainer and is the project’s coordinator said, “Silver signifies overdose awareness and the hope is that knowledge of these bracelets will spread in the community and save lives.”

The free bracelets will be available at the UCSOP tent during Overdose Awareness Day between 10:00am and noon.  Rex the Rx will be in attendance to teach children about the importance of misusing prescription medications.  Children will receive coloring books and crayons.  Medication Disposal Systems for safe disposal of medications will also be given away.

In addition to providing bracelets at Overdose Awareness Day, the bracelets will be offered to anyone receiving naloxone training through the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department as a continued Harm Reduction effort. 

If someone already carries naloxone and would like to receive a bracelet, they may contact the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy during business hours (8:30am-4:30pm) to arrange to receive a free bracelet, while supplies last.