UC School of Pharmacy Faculty Receive Research Grants


(Charleston, WV) – Dr. Rebecca Linger, Associate Professor UC School of Pharmacy and Dr. Aymen Shatnawi, Assistant Professor UC School of Pharmacy are recipients of WV-INBRE Faculty Research Development Awards.

Dr. Linger received $15,920 for “Analysis of novel disruptors of glutamine metabolism isolated from actinomycetales”. The study encompasses natural product drug discovery by isolating secondary metabolites from actinomycetes and analyzing them for their ability to disrupt cancer cells from using glutamine as an energy source. The current study will look at direct enzyme inhibition by the isolated drug leads. Ultimately, the results of this work could identify new adjunct therapies in cancer.

Dr. Shatnawi received $30,000 to study the role of the ING4 tumor suppressor factor in prostate cancer development and progression.  The hoped for outcome of this study will identify the exact mechanism by which ING4 modulate androgen receptor in prostate cancer can be employed for the development of improved prostate cancer pharmaceuticals that target androgen receptor /ING4 complex or its downstream pathways.  

UCSOP student pharmacists will be allowed the opportunity to work with Drs. Linger and Shatnawi, which will help the students gain bench research experience, in addition to their clinical training.

West Virginia IDeA Network of Biomedical Reserch – WV-INBRE

The mission of the WV-INBRE, as part of the NIH Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Program is to establish a consortium among selected institutions of higher education in the State of West Virginia to enhance their capacity for educating and training their faculty and students in biomedical research.