• University of Charleston Athletic Network – UCAN

    To help bolster our athletic department and serve our student-athletes better, the University has created the University of Charleston Athletic Network (UCAN). UCAN has three main objectives:

    • Provide a network of support for our student-athletes
    • Boost communication and outreach efforts to UC’s supporters and fans
    • Raise money for scholarships

    Increased Competition

    Competition for good student-athletes intensifies every year. UC, as a private institution, receives no direct government support and must find other ways to fund a significant amount of financial aid to remain competitive. Because of the difference in tuition costs between private universities and public institutions, UC grants some $6 million in total aid to student athletes each year, compared to about $1 million needed by a similarly sized state institution. With your help, UC can continue to recruit quality athletes who excel in the classroom and on the field or court.

    Importance of Athletics to UC’s Success

    UC’s athletic teams participate in Division II of the NCAA and the new Mountain East Conference (MEC). Our student-athletes make up one-third of the total undergraduate population at UC’s Charleston campus. Athletics is one of the primary methods of recruiting the best and brightest students to the university. Without it UC could not be successful.