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MBAL Scholars Program

The MBAL Program is an accelerated program for talented high school graduates who want to move quickly through their undergraduate program and enter directly into the University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program (3 years undergraduate plus 18 months MBA).

The program is academically rigorous, challenging students to meet the high expectations of the faculty and local business leaders with whom they come in contact through experiential studies.

Students receive focused advising to assure they maintain their eligibility for entry into the graduate program. At the end of three years, they receive a B.S. degree in Business Administration and move directly into the MBA graduate program. Students who maintain and overall 3.0 GPA are assured a seat in the MBA program.

Admission Requirements

To enroll as an MBAL Scholar, students must first gain general admission to the University of Charleston and meet the following criteria: 

  • Freshmen must have a 3.5 GPA in college preparatory high school curriculum
  • Score of 24 or higher ACT composite score or 1100 on SAT
  • Successful completion of undergraduate admissions interview by MBAL faculty 

Contact our admissions office for more information.

Note: All Scholars Program students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 throughout the three-year undergraduate degree.

Learn more about Transfer Student requirements below.

What You Will Study

The MBAL Scholars Program curriculum is highly structured and allows for no deviation. By the final semester, students will begin taking graduate-level courses.

Year 1

Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
BUSI 151 Intro to Business 3 BUSI 231 Business Law I
ACCT 201 Prin. Accounting I 3 ACCT 202 Prin. Accounting II 3
BUSI 201 Micro-economics 3 BUSI 202 Macro-economics 3
NSCI 105 Issues in Biology 4 HUMN 1xx  Humanities course 3
UNIV 101 Orient. To University 1 UNIV 102 The University Experience 1
MATH 121 College Algebra 3 HIST 212 World Cultures II 3
    Additional course 1
COMM 101* Fresh. Writing I 3 COMM 102* Fresh Writing II 3
UNIV 111 Micro-processing 3 COMM 103* Oral Communication 3

* Indicates a portfolio course. Portfolios can be completed in the following courses:

  • COMM 101 can be obtained in UNIV 101, NSCI 105, HUMN 110, or SSCI 105
  • COMM 102 can be obtained in HUMN 110, NSCI 105, or SSCI 105
  • COMM 103 can be obtained in UNIV 102, HUMN 110, NSCI 105, or SSCI 105
  • UNIV 112 can be obtained in UNIV 102

Year 2

Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
MGMT 311 Prin. of Management  3 MRKT 321 Prin. of Marketing
FINA 312 Business Finance 3 MGMT 420 Org. Behavior
BUSI 316 Quantitative Methods 3 BUSI 317 Business Statistics 
ENGL XXX  Literature Course 3 PHSC XXX  Phys. Sci. elective
  Major electives 6   Major electives 6


Year 3

Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
UNIV 459 Senior Capstone 3   Major electives 3
BUSI 407 International Business  3   MBA, 4 courses* 16
BUSI 450 Business Policy 3  
  Creativity course—nonliterature  3  
  Major electives 6  

*The four MBA course offerings can be evaluated to match the major‘s electives. Students not desiring the MBA can take electives in their majors.

Three-year total = 120 (permits the awarding of the B.S. degree) 

Transfer Student Requirements

Transfer students would need to demonstrate the completion of an equivalent of the core courses, as a minimum, to enter the MBA. Another option would be completion of an assigned “boot camp” to bring about the core courses equivalent.

Example for Accounting Major
Year 2 ACCT 301, ACCT 42, ACCT 302, ACCT322 
Year 3 ACCT 412, ACCT Elective, ACCT 448

Students wishing to sit for the CPA exam would need 3 additional accounting courses. 

Example for Finance Major
Year 2 ACCT 301, FINA 361, FINA 350, FINA 405
Year 3 FINA 406, ACCT 42, FINA 313

Example for Business Administration Major
Year 2 MGMT 318, BUSI 241, BUSI 460, BUSI 232 
Year 3 MRKT 402, Any area, MRKT 401