• Bernie Layne

    Charleston-based lawyer and University of Charleston alum Bernie Layne wasn’t always headed for a career in legal counsel - the tough love mentality of former UC Political Science professor Dr. Evelyn Harris made Layne question his career path in Political Science and change direction while he was a student at UC.  However, what started as a rocky relationship between student and professor soon turned into a mentorship based on respect, high expectations and, ultimately, friendship.  Layne turned back to Political Science and went on be named the state's Political Science Student of the Year as a senior.  He continues today to cultivate a successful career as a lawyer.  Dr. Harris passed away in 2012 but her legacy continues to live on in former students like Bernie Layne.  Despite attending three different institutions, UC has always been the place that means the most to Layne.

    Watch the video to find out how the University of Charleston provided the right environment to give this former student and former professor a “special, but not unique” relationship long after Layne graduated.