• Welcome, Argosy Students


    We understand that this may be a disrupting and confusing time in your education, and we want to help make the transition to the University of Charleston as seamless as possible.

    The University of Charleston is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and has been providing an exceptional education experience since 1888. We are a military friendly school, and welcome active and veteran members.

    UC offers the following online programs, with program starts every eight weeks. Your transcript can be evaluated within 48 hours upon receipt. Many of our online programs are cohort based, and meet via WebEx. Some programs have moved to a cost free textbook model.

    Online Psychology Argosy Webinar PowerPoint Download

    Download the online psychology webinar PowerPoint.

    The following program contacts are ready to receive your calls and/or emails:

    Doctor of Executive Leadership

    Dr. John Barnette

    Dr. Ruth Wylie

    Master of Science in Strategic Leadership

    Dr. John Barnette

    Dr. Ruth Wylie

    Dr. Kristen Dugan

    Master of Business Administration

    Dr. Rick Ferris
    rickferris@ucwv.edu or mba@ucwv.edu

    Master of Science in Cyber Security and Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

    Dr. Matt Gonzalez

    Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

    Dr. Dale Retzlaff

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in Accounting

    Dr. Melissa Farrish

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    Dr. Annie Cardell

    Dr. Mike Bayly

    Bachelor of Science in RN to BSN (for registered nurses only)

    Professor Ashley Williams

    General Questions

    For general questions contact us at 1-800-995-4682 or by email at admissions@ucwv.edu.

    Financial Aid Key Points

    • Add UC’s school code to FAFSA (https://fafsa.ed.gov) Code: 003818
    • UC’s FA staff will review federal student aid eligibility for each student based on expected registration
    • There is a maximum amount of federal student aid that an undergraduate or graduate student can be awarded each academic year as well as aggregate lifetime limits for Direct Loan and Pell Grant. The FA Office will use information from the National Student Loan Data System and the Dept. of Ed to verify your eligibility. To review your federal student loans go to https://nslds.ed.gov
    • Questions about closure and impact on FA : http://nextstepsed.org/
    • Contact info: ucfinancialaid@ucwv.edu or 304-357-4944

    Argosy Transcript Requests


    To print unofficial transcripts, please log into Campus Common and click on the Academic Info under the My Academics tab and click Print Unofficial Transcripts.


    Scroll half way down the page on the link below and see the official transcript request information tab.


    • FAQs for Argosy Students
      1. What is the relationship between the University of Charleston and Argosy?
      2. UC has a signed affiliation agreement with Argosy to support Argosy students who wish to transfer into a degree program at UC.  Upon completion of their program, students will be awarded a degree from the University of Charleston. UC does not have a teach-out agreement with Argosy University.  

      3. What is the history of the University of Charleston?
      4. UC is a private, not-for-profit, university located in the capital city of West Virginia. Founded in 1888, UC is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.  Total enrollment is now over 2600 students with over 1000 enrolled in online graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

      5. What are the program offerings at UC?
      6. UC offers 33 bachelor degrees programs, 8 of them offered in the online format.  The University offers 6 graduate programs where 4 of those are delivered in the online format.   

      7. How many hours taken at Argosy will be transferred in and how many credit hours will I be required to take at UC?
      8. UC has a generous transfer credit policy. Students must only complete 25% of their total program credit requirements in residence at UC. The residency requirement for a bachelor’s degree program is 30 credits. Residency requirements for graduate programs vary by program: Doctor of Executive Leadership is 15, Master of Science in Strategic Leadership is 12, Master of Business Administration is 9.

      9. What is the cost of tuition for the online programs?
      10. Doctor of Executive Leadership Program (58 credit hours) - $700 per credit hour

        Master of Science in Strategic Leadership Program (36 credit hours) and Master of Science in Cyber Security - $425 per credit hour

        Master of Business Administration Program (33 credit hours) - $595 per credit hour. Program entry will be available in Fall 2019.

        All Undergraduate Online Programs - $380 per credit hour

      11. Does UC offer military student tuition discounts?
      12. Yes. UC offers military and first responder students a 10% discount on DEL and MBA tuition, and $250 per credit hour for all other online programs.

      13. When can I start taking classes at UC?
      14. All online courses are delivered over 7 weeks. Summer semester A courses begin the week of May 6th.

      15. What are the steps to admission?
      16. Students will be accepted and advised on a pathway to graduation from their unofficial transcripts. Students are required to submit all official transcripts prior to the end of their first semester with UC.

        Official Transcript Submissions

        Electronic: ucrecords@ucwv.edu

        University of Charleston Admissions
        2300 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
        Charleston, WV 25304

        For general questions please call 1-800-995-4682 or email admissions@ucwv.edu.

        The processes for undergraduate and graduate students are shown below:

        Undergraduate Transfers

        • Complete an online app. App fee can be waived. Prospective student types in ARGOSY UG on the application under payment section to waive application fee
        • The UG enrollment deposit is waived for military students. All others need to pay the $100 enrollment deposit.
        • Transcripts & Photo ID should be sent to ucrecords@ucwv.edu
        • A pathway to graduation will push out to the program advisor to contact the student and enroll them


        Graduate Transfers

        • Complete an online app. App fee can be waived. Prospective student types in ARGOSY MBA on the MBA application, ARGOSY DEL on the DEL application, and ARGOSY MSSL on the MSSL application under payment section to waive application fee
        • The School of Leadership and Business graduate programs waive the enrollment deposit for all of their students
        • Transcripts, Resume, and Photo ID should be sent to ruthwylie@ucwv.edu for the DEL Program and to kristendugan@ucwv.edu for the MSSL Program and to jeffreyhornyak@ucwv.edu and ucrecords@ucwv.edu for the MBA Program
        • Pathways will be created and sent to the prospective students by an advisor who will then enroll the student