• National Alumni Board

    Alumni BoardThe National Alumni Board is a group of alumni from across the country, graduates from various years, committed to working with the University to make the alumni experience and enjoyable and valuable one. National Alumni Board members serve to facilitate communication between alumni and the University and are informed ambassadors for the University of Charleston.

    The National Alumni Board meets twice a year at the University of Charleston.

    • Members of the National Alumni Board:

      George Alexander, ‘66

      Ben Blackwell, ‘67

      Kris Burfiend, ‘66

      Carolyn Kelso Burton, ‘71

      B Diane Clements, ‘65

      Mary Converse, ‘65

      Bill Daneluk, ‘75

      Larry Devlin, ‘72

      Sherrie Ellison, ‘80

      Paul Ewing, ‘65

      Jeff Ferrell, ‘70

      Kevin Fulmer, ‘94

      Mike Gibbs, ‘79

      Bill Goukenour, ‘68

      Sharon Goukenour, ‘67

      Bradley Harris, ‘13

      Richard Herndon, ‘73

      Charlie Houck, ‘69

      Jennifer Jeffries-Gallagher, 98

      Scott Kinard, ‘11

      David Kurtz, ‘80

      Ned Lehmann, ‘66

      Tom Marchio, ‘65

      Jimmy Meadows, ‘04

      Tom Miller, ‘66

      Ryan Moran, ‘12

      Nina Denton Pasinetti, ‘65

      Ed Rabel, ‘63

      John Ranson, ‘62

      Bren Stevens, ‘80

      Cory Stout, ‘10

      Pete Thacker, ‘65

      Doug Walters, ‘65

      Robert Wilson, ‘73

      Lisa Woo, ‘74

    If you are interested in serving on the National Alumni Board, contact:

    Stephanie Martin
    Director of Alumni Relations