• Alumni Awards

    Both the Alumni Gallery of Achievement and the Alumnus of the Year Award provide the university the opportunity to recognize and spotlight those alumni who have achieved greatness and most clearly illustrate demonstrate living the mission of the University of Charleston through "productive work, enlightened living and community involvement."

    These are alums who serve as examples of what an education from the University of Charleston can mean for today's students.

    Alumni Gallery of Achievement

    The University of Charleston’s Alumni Gallery of Achievement is reserved for alumni who have realized great success in their career, contributed greatly to their alma mater, and/or have been instrumental in societal advancements. Induction into the Gallery is the highest honor bestowed on our alumni and provides the opportunity to recognize and honor the notable achievements of these outstanding individuals.

    University of Charleston honored and inducted five alumni into the Alumni Gallery of Achievement in February, 2015. The five alumni inductees are:William T. Bolling, Magdalena De La Cruz Cook-Garcia, Stephen E. Kawash, Karen Price, and Robert Pumo.

    Alum of the Year

    Each year, the University of Charleston recognizes an outstanding alum who has made notable contributions over the past year to the University and/or his her community, personifying the University's mission by living a life of "productive work, enlightened living and community involvement." 

    If you would like to nominate an alumnus for the Alumni Gallery of Achievement or for Alum of the Year, you may do so below.

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