• Student Ambassador Association

    Student Ambassadors are a select group of undergraduate students who give prospective students and their guests the best possible experience during their visit to the University of Charleston. They support the Admissions Office by welcoming guests, leading campus tours, assisting with campus events, and performing tasks within the office. By sharing their personal experiences, Student Ambassadors play an integral role in helping prospective students see that UC is the best fit for them.

    • Alex Forsbrey
      Meet Alex
    • Allison Mills
      Meet Allison
    • Alyssa Burns
      Meet Alyssa
    • Amanda Bays
      Meet Amanda
    • Athena Dills
      Meet Athena
    • Caleb Duncan
      Meet Caleb
    • Emma Hyson
      Meet Emma
    • Hannah Williams
      Meet Hannah
    • Jasmine Lafferty
      Meet Jasmine
    • Jennifer  Hennson
      Meet Jennifer
    • Kayla Skeen
      Meet Kayla
    • Makayla Dailey
      Meet Makayla
    • Mallorie Mize
      Meet Mallorie
    • Matthew McComas
      Meet Matthew
    • Olivia Bias
      Meet Olivia
    • Rachel Cokeley
      Meet Rachel
    • Rose Campitell
      Meet Rose
    • Salam Haffar
      Meet Salam
    • Seneca Whyte
      Meet Seneca
    • Sharieli Perez
      Meet Sharieli
    • Steven Nutter
      Meet Steven
    • Taylor Huffman
      Meet Taylor
    • Zach Scott
      Meet Zach
    • Zachariah Jordan
      Meet Zachariah