• Data Analytics Concentration (B.S. Chemistry)


    Program Overview

    This degree concentration provides students with a strong background in mathematical analysis as applied to chemical data.  Students will be able to use computer science, mathematics and statistics, as well as their knowledge of chemistry and cheminformatics, to analyze chemical data.  The emphasis of the concentration is on retrieving data in the chemical literature for analysis of properties related to structure and reactivity. 

    Program Highlights

    Students complete a collaborative chemistry/data analytics project for their Capstone.

    Unique program - no similar program combining data science and chemistry exists in WV at this time.

    The program is multidisciplinary, requiring coursework in chemistry, statistics, computer science and mathematics.

    The program makes students more competitive for pursuing advanced (M.S. or Ph.D.) degrees in chemistry and well-prepared for research in both the chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry.

    Program Outcomes

    Graduates will be well-prepared to enter graduate school in chemistry or work in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries where the interdisciplinary nature of this skill set is valued.

    The concentration also provides a strong background in statistics and will make graduates highly competitive for employment.

    Chemoinformatics is an emerging field, and the American Chemical Society predicts that job opportunities in this field will grow in the future, especially for companies in the polymer and chemical industries.