• Data Analytics Concentration (B.S. Biology)


    Program Overview

    This concentration applies the traditional techniques of computer science, mathematics, and statistics to the solution of problems in biology. Students will acquire the programming, data analysis and modeling skills required to study complex natural systems which will prepare them to deal with the large, complex, imperfect data sets typical of the biological sciences and to convert data into useful and practical information.

    For students interested in healthcare professions, this degree offers a focus in genomics and proteomics - both areas which are at the foundation of precision medicine. 

    Program Highlights

    Strong emphasis of biology at the molecular, cellular, organizmal, and ecosystem levels.

    No similar program is available in West Virginia.

    The program is multidisciplinary, requiring coursework in organismal biology, molecular biology, chemistry, statistics, computer science and mathematics.

    The curriculum has a great deal of overlap with pre-medical requirements, so it works exceptionally well as a pre-medical school path.

    Program Outcomes

    Graduates will be able to use computer science, mathematics and statistics, as well as their knowledge of biology and bioinformatics, to analyze biological data.

    Students will be prepared to pursue advanced (M.S. or Ph.D.) degrees in computational biology or biomedical informatics, microbiology, ecology or precision medicine.

    This degree offers a foundational focus in genomics and proteomics – both areas that are at the foundation of precision medicine.