• Independent Learning Project

    Independent Learning Projects (ILPs) are:

    • Student-initiated, student-designed, and student-developed learning experiences
    • Tailored to achieve one or more of the Liberal Learning Outcomes (LLOs)  
    • Approved in advance by a faculty roundtable
    • Assessed and guided by a faculty member

    Process for Developing an ILP

    Students meet with an advisor and/or mentor to discuss the proposed learning project and to identify internal and external resources. When the student is clear about his or her learning outcomes and strategies for demonstrating learning, the student submits an ILP form to the appropriate faculty roundtable(s). Roundtables may grant approval of the ILP, or may suggest ways in which it needs to be strengthened. The student completes the project under faculty guidance. The faculty member assesses the project and notifies the Roundtable(s) of the result of the assessment.

    Examples of ILPs

    • Combining coursework with an additional portfolio (learn about building portfolios)
    • Combining foreign travel or foreign education with a portfolio or major paper
    • Designing and leading implementation of a solution to a major community problem
    • Designing and conducting a scientific research project
    • Designing and carrying out a program of readings and research on a topic of particular interest