• Regional Studies in Appalachia Minor

    The Regional Studies in Appalachia minor provides students an opportunity to study local culture in a concerted, interdisciplinary way, with courses spanning from English to Social Sciences to Business. The minor could make a student in any major more attractive to a prospective employer after graduation. Contact Professor Dunlap about declaring the minor.

    (A.D. Bache, Map of the State of Virginia. 1863. U.S. Coast Survey. Courtesy of David Rumsey Historical Collection).  


    Choose six out of the seven following courses:

    • English 307: Appalachian Literature (online only) 
    • SSCI 310: WV and Appalachian Region 
    • English 315: Linguistics 
    • Geography 303: World and Regional Geography 
    • UNIV 45x: Behavioral, Social, and Cultural Problems in Appalachia 
    • Entrepreneurship 2xx: Social Entrepreneurship
    • English 338: Appalachian Folkways


    Professor Hallie Chillag Dunlap
    Assistant Professor of Social Sciences