• Provost List

    Fall 2018

    Our congratulations to these outstanding students who have been named to our Provost’s List. They have earned a semester Grade Point Average of 4.0 or higher for a full-time schedule of courses consisting of 12 or more credits. (These twelve credits may not include more than 3 credits that are Pass/Fail.)

    Niki Aliff

    William Arnold

    Johnna Ball

    Aaron Banks

    Trenton Barnhart

    Maarten Bartels

    Daniel Batza

    Shelby Bayliss

    Bailey Bennett

    Cristopher Beutler

    Christopher Bleeker

    Maxime Bomboko

    Bradley Boyce

    Kirin Bradley

    Brandon Burk

    Laci Canter

    Allison Carpenter

    Lance Chaulk

    Tiffany Childers

    Haleigh Christopher

    William Clague

    Rachel Cokeley

    Marissa Collins

    John Cominsky

    Jacklyn Crawford

    Chrisanna Dailey

    Zachary Dailey

    Kristen Davis

    Heather Dawson

    Carrie Deal

    Jasper Dhanjal

    Samuel Dillon

    Sommer Dilly

    Chaurura Tamupi Dimairo

    Makayla Dix

    Cecilia Dodd

    Heather Donohew

    Cheri Duckwyler

    Alan Dunaway

    David Duncan

    Todd Early

    Jaclyn Edwards

    Sarah Ellison

    Sheralynn Esguerra

    Colton Faber

    Alexandra Fragale

    Clint Freeman

    Fallon Gallimore

    Grant Gamble

    Brandon Godinich

    Bailey Gogia

    Molly Green

    Taylor Green

    Christopher Gribben

    Brant Grisel

    Salam Haffar

    Nina Harbert

    Siarra Harrington

    Marshall Hefner

    Breanna Hensley

    Jennifer Henson

    Kasonja Hill

    Aaron Hogland

    Lydia Honaker

    Amy Hu

    Blake Huffman

    Sydney Hughes

    Rohn Hultgren

    Whitney Hunt

    Angela Jacobs-Ferris

    Ryan Jasinsky

    Lindsay Jones

    Erika Kelly

    Rachel Kerwin

    Johnathan Kinder

    Karly King

    Roni Kurnava

    Zackary Laney

    Clinton Latty

    Hanna Light

    Kirsten Long

    Bernadette Luby

    Josh Maddock

    Kelsey Matusic

    Chi Maxey

    Kaleigh Maxey

    Richard McKee

    Alecia Meadows

    Keaton Moore

    Gianfranco Morello

    Kevin Morrison

    Karen Motsinger

    Megan Mourier

    Kindia N'dah

    Alexis Naylor

    Timothy Netherton

    Amber Null

    Danielle Ormandy

    Kathryn Pauley

    Michael Perry

    Kaitlyn Persinger

    Grace Peyton

    Andrew Pikna

    Jody Powell

    Kelley Price

    Jason Prince

    Daniel Rabey

    Rebecca Ratliff

    Austin Rawls

    Darren Ray

    Steven Reed

    Adam Repass

    Emily Rhodes

    Brianna Rock

    Thomas Rose

    Matthew Rosolen

    Gerald Russo

    Christina Rutten

    Richael Saxon

    Kimberly Sayre

    Andrea Schoonover

    April Schwalb

    David Scragg

    Hali Sebastian

    Susanne Shrewsbury

    Kristiana Sklioutovskaya-Lopez

    Lauryn Slack

    Silvana Slusarciuc

    David Smarr

    Autumn Smith

    Cody Smith

    Steven Snedegar

    Autumn Snider

    Haley Snodgrass

    Skyler Snuffer

    Spencer Stogsdill

    Andrew Sullivan

    Meredith Suttle

    Luther Toney

    Berta Torroella Niell

    Jacob Touchstone

    Elaine Tuckwiller

    Jordan Turner

    Philip Quoc Trung Vo-Van

    Kathleen Walls

    Eli Watson

    Terrance Wells

    Bonita Wesley

    William White

    Arianna Whitehair

    Seneca Whyte

    David Wick Perez

    Leif Woldseth

    Logan Wooddell

    Sean Woody

    Rebecca Young

    The Dean’s and the Provost’s Lists are calculated within one month after the end of each 16-week semester. The Dean’s and Provost Lists are not calculated for the summer term. A student who is ineligible for inclusion at the time the lists are calculated will not be given Dean’s or Provost’s List status retroactively. For example, a student who completes an Incomplete, i.e., “I” grade, after the list is calculated and raises his or her GPA to 3.75-3.99 will NOT receive Dean’s List status. Omissions or errors in calculation on the part of the University of Charleston, however, will be corrected when detected.