• The eLearn Homepage

    The video below will walk you through your eLearn HomePage and how to customize it as well as your profile:


    All students are required to use eLearn, so be sure to log in before your first day of class. Online classes will be available to students 14 days before the start of the term.

    If you do not see your classes, please contact the Student Solutions Center at 877-393-5014

    Online students please note: If you do not actively participate in the course (posting on the discussion board, completing an exam or quiz, submitting an assignment) during the first week, you will be administratively dropped from the course. If you are administratively dropped to less than 6 credit hours total, you will not be eligible for student loans.

    If you need assistance in accessing or navigating eLearn, call or email the Help Desk

    304-357-4357 (help)

    Student Solutions will also help you address any issue that is keeping you from participating in your courses.