• My Print Center

    The new University of Charleston My Print Center, powered by Pharos, can be accessed from any Charleston campus computer, tablet or smartphone.

    The My Print Center allows you to:

    • Check available balance
    • View your print queue
    • View active history
    • Delete print jobs
    • Upload documents for printing
    • Send documents to print via email
    • Change printing options for jobs (black & white to color, single-sided to double sided)

    To Log In to the My Print Center, simply go the web URL at: http://papercut.ucwv.edu:9191/user  

    Once there, log in with your UCNET username and password:
    UCNET Login  

    Once inside the My Print Center webpage, you will see your available balance displayed at the lower left hand side of the page. My Funds is the total balance of all in house quotas, corrections and adjustments, and any additional funds added to the account via the Secure Credit Card Gateway.
    avail funds  

    By clicking on the Activity Tab, you will see any current and previous print activity like:

    • Activity date
    • Activity time
    • Activity type
    • Copy (account debited for photocopies)
    • Deleted print (job deleted before being printed, including those you manual deleted and those purged by system after a time limit)
    • Print (account debited for a print job)
      Scan (account debited for scanning)
      Transfer funds (money transferred into your account)
    • Description (name of job and printing settings for that job)
    • My funds changes (how much you were charged for the activity)

    If you have lots of activity and are looking for a particular job, you can filter the results on activity type and date ranges.

    Activities can also be grouped by column by simply dragging the specific column header up a section.

    To upload a document, click the Upload button to select the document you want to print. Once uploaded, you can configure your printing options by selecting one or more jobs in your queue, then using the Print option section in the lower-right of the screen. After making changes, the cost for that job should update.

    Accepted documents:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Visio
    • PDF
    • Images (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF)
    • Text (TXT, RTF, CSV)

    doc upload
    Once you upload a document(s), you will see them listed in order.  From this screen you can delete any unwanted documents, or make basic changes to them in regards to color; black and white; single or double sided.

    By clicking on the Add Funds Button in the bottom-left center of the page, you will be taken to the secure credit card gateway.  From here you can either pay with an active PayPal account balance, or directly with a credit or debit card. Note that there is a small service charge per transaction to cover the credit card and secure transaction through PayPal.  The minimum amount you may add is $10.00.

    add funds
    You can email a document to My Print Center directly for printing. This is the best way to print documents from a mobile device. Use one of these email addresses:

    Once your attached documents have reached the queue, a confirmation email will be sent back to you confirming its ready status. From inside the email, you can reach the My Print Center queue from the attached link.

    email reminder
    Once you've submitted documents to print (from a library computer, via email, or using the My Print Center upload feature), you can go to any library printer/copier to release/print the document:

    1. Swipe your card at any Pharos enabled printer/copier
    2. Your print queue should appear, along with your current fund balance
    3. Select the document(s) you want to print by checking on the box next to each item
    4. Click Print to send the selected job(s) for printing
    5. Collect your printed documents