• Kaltura - Add video to discussion forums

    Some assignments may require you to post a video to a discussion post. The instructions below will demonstrate how to create a video and post it to a discussion forum:

    1. Navigate to the Discussion Forum and click to Add a new discussion

    2. A text box will appear below. Under the text box, click Use advanced editor:
      Use advanced editor  

    3. A toolbar will now appear in the text box. Click on the embed Kaltura media icon (the only button in color, to the far right):
      embed Kaltura media  

    4. A pop-up window will load, taking you to your My Media page. Any videos you upload in eLearn will be found here. To add or create a new video, click Add New in the upper right corner of the media page:
      My Media  

    5. You have a few different options available. If you already have the video created and saved on your PC, you can select Media Upload. For this example, we will use the webcam to create a quick video. To do this, select Webcam Recording.

    6. If you have a webcam connected, it will begin to load. Make sure to click Allow when prompted. You will see a black screen for a few minutes while it finishes loading. Once you have picture, you can click anywhere on the video feed to begin recording.

    7. When you are finished recording, click anywhere on the screen to stop recording. You can press the play button to preview your video.

    8. When you are satisfied with your recording, click the Save button on the video. You will then be required to enter a name for your video. Enter a name and click Save.

    9. At the top of the page it will indicate that the changes have been saved. Click the Back to My Media link beside the save button.

    10. Your newly created video will now be at the top of your video repository. Click the Select button to the right to add this video to your discussion post:
      Select Video  

    11. You can preview your video once again on this screen and choose from some various options such as what information will be displayed under your video and the size of the video player. Once you are finished with the settings, click Embed.

    12. A final preview will be shown. Scroll down and click Embed media in the lower left corer. You will now be taken back to the text box and you will see a link of your video:
      Embed Media  

    13. You can add any additional text that you'd like in your post, either before or under the link. When you are finished, click Post to forum at the bottom of the page.

    14. You can click on your discussion title to view the final post. You will notice the link has been replaced with the video player showing your video.