• Chalk & Wire

    1. Navigate to your course in eLearn for the assignment you wish to submit. Locate the assignment link in your course and click on it:
      Chalk Wire  

    2. Chalk & Wire will open in a new tab or window (pop-up blockers may need to be disabled). You will be brought directly to the submission page for the assignment.

      If you receive a prompt for a subscription code, then send us an email at help@ucwv.edu so that we can correct this error for you.

      Click on 'Add Content' and select 'Upload New File' from the drop down menu:
      Add Submit  

    3. Click the green 'Add files' button to locate the file on your computer and open the file. Next, click the blue 'Start Uploading All' button:
      Drag Add  

    4. When the upload has completed, you will see a green check to the right of the file name.

      You can now click the close button in the upper right corner of the screen. Back at the submission page you will now see the name of your file. The Submit button in the upper right corner should now turn green. Click 'Submit':

    5. You may be asked to select Assessment Instrument. If you do not see an option that closely resembles your course, ask your instructor which option to select and click Continue. You will now be asked to enter the name of the Assessor. Begin typing your instructor's name until it fully appears below the text box. Click on the name to add the Assessor:
      Assessor Name  

    6. Once you have clicked the Assessor and their name is check-marked, click the blue 'Submit' button:
      Final Submit  

    7. You will see a green bar stating 'You have successfully submitted.' Your work has now been submitted to your instructor for grading.