• Health Promotion


    Why UC

    You’ll gain real world skills to offer employers and graduate schools the skills they want.

    Focus on the understanding and promotion of health in different groups.

    Studies include Natural Sciences, Psychology, Education and Communication.

    Final semester internship can be completed in any location (approval required).

    About Health Promotion

    This program will prepare you for many career opportunities in this fast growing field. It has a strong health science emphasis, as well as opportunities to participate in hands-on learning, leading to a fulfilling career educating others on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.


    What You'll Learn

    The Health Promotion program has a strong health science emphasis, will also offering an array of interdisciplinary work in natural sciences, psychology, education and communication. In addition to classroom learning, you will have the opportunity to work with organizations in the community and participate in a 12 credit internship. This allows you to develop the ability to gain skills in assessing health needs, planning, implementation, evaluation and management of programs.

    Admission Requirements

    Students must first gain general admission to the University of Charleston prior to acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion.

    To progress in the program and graduate students must pass their required courses with a C or better and meet the institutional academic requirement of maintaining a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA to remain in good academic standing. The Health Promotion major consists of 120 credit hours that include a combination of major courses (60 credits), core courses (30 credits), elective credit course (3 credits), and liberal learning outcome courses (27 credits).

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    How Much Will it Cost Me?

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    Fact Sheet

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    Curriculum & Course Catalog

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    Job Opportunities

    • Community Health Consultant
    • Health Promotion Specialist
    • Health Educator
    • Health Program Manager
    • Health Education Coordinators/Advocate
    • Public Health Educator
    • Occupation Health and Wellness Project Manager
    • Wellness Coordinator


    Program Faculty

    Nicolette Bell
    Nicolette Bell

    Program Director, Assistant Professor