• Entrepreneurship Minor

    Why UC

    Differentiate yourself in the job market by adding the Entrepreneurship minor to any major on campus.

    Program provides a framework for evaluating innovative ideas, nurturing those ideas, and possibly turning them into a viable business opportunity.

    Hands-on program providing professional opportunities to “learn by doing” across a wide variety of business activities.

    Students learn skills that will enhance their careers whether they start their own ventures or work in a large multi-national company.

    About the Entrepreneurship Minor

    The UC Entrepreneurship Minor will enhance any major by sharpening skills which can be applied to any career, whether working for yourself or within a large organization. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the process of building ideas into viable business models which can lead to the start of a new company or an improvement to an existing business or industry. The program uses design thinking, the business model canvas, and lean startup methodologies in a hands-on, experiential approach to new venture creation.


    What You'll Learn

    You will learn to identify problems in the world around you, to formulate possible solutions to those problems, and to identify / verify a customer base willing to buy your solution. This part of the program is very creative and requires you to think beyond conventional boundaries. From there, you will learn how to put together a business model and begin creating the startup plan for the business. You will apply these new skills by participating in various activities, including competing in business plan competitions, both internal and external to UC.


    Admission Requirements

    The Minor in Entrepreneurship is available to students pursuing any major at the University of Charleston.

    Fact Sheet

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    Curriculum & Course Catalog

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    Program Faculty

    David Ramsburg
    David Ramsburg

    Director of Innovation