• Pre-Professional Veterinary Medicine



    The field of veterinary medicine has rapidly evolved. The days of treating both pets and farm animals have given way to specialization and sub-specialization. Specialists can be divided into small animal, large animal, and exotic animal practitioners. An example of subspecialist would be veterinary neurologist.

    Regardless of your interests in veterinary medicine, you will have to study both large and small animals. Many pre-veterinary students have experience with small animals, but limited experience with large animals. The University of Charleston has developed a unique pre-vet program designed not only to meet the pre-requisites for veterinary school but to gain expertise with large animals.

    The University of Charleston offers a unique program designed to make the pre-veterinary students stand out. Students will gain expertise in domestic large animals and wildlife, by taking courses like domestic animal science and mammology.

    The Department of Natural Science and Mathematics offers free MCAT/VCAT/GRE review sessions led by faculty. Those students forming a small study group will be provided with study materials. Students are given help with writing a personal statement from both the Science Department and by the University Career Development Center. Students are also offered mock interviews. The mock interview critiques not just verbal language but body language as well.

    Students may take an accelerated path and graduate in 3 years.