• Pre-Professional Dentistry



    The University of Charleston offers a unique pre-dentistry program that prepares the student for successful application and admission to dental school. The curriculum provides the traditional biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics courses required by dental schools, as well as unique courses providing skills and knowledge needed for the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) and a career in dentistry. A portion of the Art in Medicine course prepares the student for the perceptual ability portion of the DAT, while a course in dental terminology is being developed to aid the student in learning the language of dentistry.

    The Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics also offers free review sessions taught by faculty that can aid the student in preparation for the survey of natural sciences section of the DAT. Email blasts are sent out weekly to help prepare the student for the reading comprehension portion of the DAT as well. Faculty members are also available for mock interviews and review of personal statements during the application process to dental school to try to ensure the success of the student in pursuit of his/her career goals.

    The University of Charleston offers the option to complete the Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology in a traditional 4 year time frame or in an accelerated 3 year time frame for motivated students.

    Benefits to Pre-Dentistry at University of Charleston:

    • Traditional pre-requisite courses for dental school taught by full-time faculty members
    • Unique courses to prepare student for DAT and dental career
    • Additional DAT prep, mock interviews, and personal statement review by faculty members
    • Option for an accelerated 3 year degree program
    • Faculty advisor well versed in dental school requirements and application processes