• Education

    Bachelor of Arts


    Professional Growth Opportunities for Teacher Candidates

    The following are offered to those seeking professional growth and leadership experience:

    • West Virginia Student Education Association (WVSEA) — This association consists of education students desire to pursue a career in education. The purpose of this association is to help future teachers develop an understanding of the education profession, stimulate high ideals of professional ethics standards, and attitudes, and engage in community wide service projects. UC students can join free of charge and meetings are held in the fall and spring semesters. UC’s SEA sponsors all Education Program Professional Development. See www.wvea.org for more information.
    • Education Student Advisory Council — This Council is comprised of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior education majors from different program areas. The purpose of the Council is to provide a student voice for Education Program improvement and serve as Education Program Ambassadors in a variety of capacities. Council members are selected by the Education Program Coordinator and existing Council members on their strong academic record and possessing and demonstrating positive dispositions in and out of classes.
    • Educational Professional Preparation Advisory Committee (EPPAC)— EPPAC is composed of public school teachers, school administrators, students, graduates, and Arts & Sciences faculty, and other community representatives who meet one time every semester to review program changes, policies, and procedures as well as to make recommendations about the program. Education Program students are selected by the faculty based on their academic record and positive dispositions.
    • Academic Success Center (ASC) — UC students have the opportunity to apply and work in the ASC during the fall and spring semesters. The ASC provides all UC students with guidance and feedback on their written and oral communication skills and offers workshops in a variety of communication areas.