• DISCONTINUED - Interior Design and Drafting Technology

    Overview of Program

    The four-year Interior Design and Drafting Technology program prepares students with a strong foundation of liberal arts, fine arts, technical skills, and knowledge base for the changing interior design profession. The curriculum focuses on the university’s six liberal learning outcomes as well as the standard of the professional industry.

    Students are prepared in foundational design courses with sketching, drafting, materials, structures, process, space planning, graphic and computer communications for upper level design studios. Upper-level studios address various programs, populations, and design problems and are interfaced with history, codes, and technical courses to address human environmental needs of health, safety, and welfare.

    Students produce a digital portfolio based on concept development and design business.

    The program offers many valuable design experiences through travel, speakers, programs, professional jurors, practicing adjuncts, community service projects, as well as an individually developed internships and senior capstone design projects.

    To date, the program graduates have had a high job placement rate and are successful with the National Council of Interior Design Qualification and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design credential examinations.

    Admission Requirements

    General admission to the University with a visit to the University and an interview with the Chair of the Interior Design and Drafting Technology program are highly recommended.

    Residential Design & Enhancement Minor

    This minor is an introduction to interior design with an emphasis on residential and small scale design. The following classes would be taken to meet requirements:  

    Course Credits
    IDES 101 Fundamentals of Interior Design 3
    IDES 141 Architectural Communications I 3
    IDES 142 Architectural Communications II 3
    IDES 241 Residential Studio 3
    IDES 210 Textiles and Finishes 3
    IDES 212 Materials and Systems  3
    Total 18

    Mission Statement

    The interior design and drafting technology program prepares the graduate: 

    • For an entry level position in the interior design profession (productive work)
    • To work in and contribute to a multidisciplinary environment (enlightened living)
    • To be a participating and contributing member of the profession and society (community involvement)


    The Interior Design and Drafting Technology program at the University of Charleston is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation:

    Council for Interior Design Accreditation
    206 Grandville Ave., Suite 350
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    Program Requirements

    Students must meet the liberal learning outcomes of the University through a minimum of 44 credit hours of coursework along with the Interior Design and Drafting Technology program outcomes embedded in 80 credit hours of Art and Design coursework for a total of 124 credit hours.

    Students have three portfolio reviews throughout the program.  The first review takes place after the first three semesters with reviews of work from basic art, design, and visual communication courses. The second review is conducted during the junior studio courses for qualification for internship placement, and the third review prepares and qualifies students to participate in the required senior gallery exhibition for graduation.


    Standard Curriculum Pattern for Interior Design and Drafting Technology Students

    Freshman Year

    Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
    UNIV 101 Orientation to University 1 UNIV 102 The University Experience 1
      FYE Course 4   FYE Course  3
    ART 100 Drawing 3   ICON Course 3
    IDES 105 Des. Foundations 3 ART 123/124/223 Art History 3
      ICON Course 3 IDES 101 Fund. Interior Design 3
      IDES 141 Architect Comm. I 3

    Sophomore Year

    Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
    ART 250   3 ART 201 Painting Techniques 3
    IDES 142 Architect Comm II 3 IDES 310 Textiles & Finishes 3
    IDES 232 Design Process 3 IDES 241 Int Graphic COMM 3
    IDES 312 Materials Sys I 3 IDES 360 CADD 3
      ICON Course 4   ICON Course 3

    Junior Year

    Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
    IDES 301 Interior Design Studio I 3 IDES 302 Inter. Des. Studio II 3
    ART 230 Graphic Design I 3 IDES 322 Hist. Int. Architecture 3
    IDES 321 Hist. Int. Architecture 3 ART 398 Professional Practices I 2
    IDES 355 Environ. Systems/Codes 3   ICON Course 3
          ART 361 3D Design 3

    Senior Year

    Course Title Credits Course Title Credits
    BUSI 151 Intro. to Business 3 IDES 402 Senior Design Project
    IDES 352 Interior Lighting Sys. PSYC 342 Social Psychology 3
    IDES 401 Inter. Des Studio III 3 UNIV 459 Senior Capstone 3
    IDES 408 Historic Preservation 3 IDES 498 Professional Practice II 2

    Additional credits should be earned in the freshman year by completing portfolios and other requirements as described in the section of the Academic Catalog entitled “Your First Year.”  120 hours are required for graduation.

    ICON and Portfolio Building courses should be used to complete any Liberal Learning Outcomes requirements that are not integrated with courses in the major. Students must meet all Liberal Learning and program outcomes in order to graduate.

    Historic Preservation Certificate

    Program Requirements

    To complete an 18-credit Historic Preservation Certificate Program, students may combine courses from the Interior Design and Drafting Technology Program and the History Program.

    Required Courses

    Course Title Credits
    HIST 251 Foundations of the Republic 3
    HIST 252 Contemporary America 3
    HIST 408 or
    IDES 408 
    Historic Preservation
    IDES 321 Interior Architecture I
    IDES 322 Interior Architecture II 3
    SSCI 498 Internship* 3

    *Internship must be with the State Historic Preservation Office, the West Virginia Main Street Program, or a suitable historic site. Approval of the major advisor is required.


    Tracy Bradley

    Program Coordinator, Interior Design and Drafting Technology
    Assistant Professor of Interior Design and Drafting Technology