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    Why UC

    Choose either Studio Art or Graphic Design emphasis (minors in Studio Art or Graphic Design are also available).

    We offer a BA with an Independent Business Minor, and a unique 3 year fast track BA with an Independent Business Minor (UC is the only school to offer this).

    Enter the program in your first semester – we accept students of all artistic levels.

    You can receive up to 9 hours of credit based on the quality of your work.

    State-of-the-art digital art lab, and 24 hour access to studio classrooms; access to our Innovation Center.

    Annual trips to major museums and art galleries in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta and Pittsburgh.

    About Art

    At UC, we offer talented students the opportunity to grow and mature as creative artists and thinkers in a supportive environment. And because we also believe that being an artist not only requires great vision and creativity but practical business skills as well, our unique program provides the option to pair your degree with an Independent Business Minor, to prepare you for the business side of being an artist.

    Graphic Design Minor



    What You'll Learn

    This major will equip you with the artistic as well as the entrepreneurial skills to strengthen your chances of earning sustainable income and to serve as a driving force throughout your life. The combination of specific courses and intensive, experiential learning experiences provide the knowledge and skills needed to create innovative artwork or a creative business. Whether you choose the Graphic Design Track or the Studio Track, you will build a foundation based on a knowledge of a broad spectrum of art related topics, including art history, drawing, graphic design and more, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation experience and knowledge.


    Admission Requirements

    Students must gain general admission to the University of Charleston. A visit to campus to meet with Admissions personnel and program faculty is strongly encouraged.

    Art supplies. The student is expected to purchase all art supplies necessary to complete coursework, and appropriate portfolios to house his or her work. Sophomore portfolio. Each student must submit a portfolio of work completed in the freshman and sophomore years to the Art Faculty for review and evaluation prior to enrollment in advanced courses. Senior Thesis and Exhibit of work. Student will also be required to plan and hang an exhibit of their work in the Frankenberger Art Gallery during their senior year.

    In consultation with the student the Art program faculty reserves the privilege of selecting and retaining one example of work from each senior student for the University’s permanent collection.

    Students are strongly encouraged to double major in a related field, such as Communications, Psychology, History, Political Science, or complete the independent minor in Business.


    Art Minor


    How Much Will it Cost Me?

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    Fact Sheet

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    Curriculum & Course Catalog

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    Job Opportunities


    Art Instructor

    Art instructors are self-enrichment teachers who help students learn or improve their artistic techniques. They lead classes or give private lessons that are not part of a required curriculum.

    Art Therapist

    Art therapists are mental health professionals who use art and the creative process to help their clients deal with mental health issues. This occupation combines knowledge of visual art with the study of human development, therapeutic practice and psychology.


    • Fine Artist
    • Tattoo artist
    • Art Gallery Owner
    • Art Supplies Sales Representative
    • Photographer
    • Event Planne
    • Shop-window design
    • Industrial Design
    • Textile and clothing design


    Program Faculty

    Ray Yeager
    Ray Yeager

    Program Director
    Associate Professor of Art