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    Graphic Design Minor


    This minor is designed for non-art majors and will enhance students’ ability in any major or discipline that requires them to describe concepts and ideas visually. For example, effectively producing a traditional printed report, a PowerPoint presentation or a web site. Students will gain in-depth experience using industry-standard computer software while acquiring an understanding of graphic design principles and formats. This minor is a great complement to a major in business, marketing, finance, computer science, criminal justice, communication arts (television, journalism, etc.), natural sciences and psychology.

    The minor in Graphic Design consists of 21 credits of art courses including:

    Foundations (12 hours)

    Credits / Course / Title

    • 3 ART 100 Drawing
    • 3 ART 105 Design Foundations
    • 3 ART 250 Photography
    • 3 ART 230 Graphic Design I

    12 Total credits

    Graphic Design (6 hours)

    Chose two from the following:

    • 3 ART 330 Graphic Design II
    • 3 ART 340 Typography
    • 3 ART 335 Illustration

    9 Total credits

    Art History Elective (3 hours)

    Chose one from the following:

    • 3 ART 203 Art History: Ancient to Gothic
    • 3 ART 204 Art History: Renaissance to 20th Century
    • 3 ART 223 Art History: Modern Art

    3 Total credits