• Awards & Recognition

    2016 Graduate Awards and Recognition

    Outstanding Student Achievement in Education

    Jacob T. Lorenz

    Paige N. DeHart

    Sigma Tau Delta Award for Excellence in English

    Kate E. Speece

    Outstanding Senior in Political Science

    Eli DesRocher

    Outstanding Scholar in Psychology

    Cassandra Jane Richards

    Whitney Brooke Browning

    Outstanding Student in Science Research

    Pete Walters

    Joseph Reed

    Jonathan Hanson

    Seth Deskins

    Outstanding Student in Science

    Natalia Sklioutovskaya-Lopez

    Ian Weaver

    Outstanding Senior in Business Administration

    Andrew Adkins

    Outstanding Senior in Finance

    Andrew Charles Flohr

    Outstanding Senior in Accounting

    Lesley Thompson

    Outstanding Senior in Sport Business

    Michael J. Hagarty

    Outstanding Nursing Student Scholastic Award-ADN

    Amanda Cordial

    Terri McCoy

    Outstanding Nursing Student Clinical Practice Award-ADN

    Amelia Dunbar

    Jamie Meade

    Outstanding Nursing Student Scholastic Award-BSN

    Brittany Hypes

    Outstanding Nursing Student Clinical Practice Award-BSN

    Melissa Riner

    Outstanding Clinical Practitioner in Radiologic Sciences

    Kelsey Edwards

    Outstanding Scholar in Radiologic Science

    Kelsey Yontz

    Carl Calvert Award for Outstanding Scholar in Athletic Training

    Alexandria Stratton

    The Physician Assistant Excellence in Student Professionalism Award

    Ashley Nicole Ebersole

    The Physician Assistant Excellence in Student Leadership Award

    Mathias Patrick Connally

    Outstanding Student in Health-Systems Pharmacy

    George Copenhaver

    Outstanding Student in Community Pharmacy

    Vivian Ugboh

    Certificates for Graduating Honor Students

    Andrew Adkins

    Amanda Cordial

    Eli DesRocher

    Lauren Hudnall

    Terri McCoy

    Amanda Pratt

    Samuel Scott

    Natalia Sklioutovskaya-Lopez

    Jonathan Stricklen

    Lesley Thompson

    Ian Weaver