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Erma Byrd Art Gallery

Erma Byrd Art Gallery 

West Virginia Women Artists at the University of Charleston

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Listing of Individual Artists and Their Work    
Artist  Town  Title of Work 


Sonja Adkins Charleston Chair Moods 1 
June Perkins Anderson Lewisburg The Blacksmith 
Millie Conner Anderson Charleston  Primrose 
Rosalie Atkins  Charleston  Woman With Cat 
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Norma Bartlett St. Albans Cookie Time 
Nan Bedick  Scott Depot  Collage #1 
Gladys B. Berchtold  Charleston Carolina Morning 
Lil Bias  Charleston Breath of Spring 
Mary McCune Black Charleston Bouquet of Roses 
Elaine Blue Huntington  Fireworks 
Barbara G. Blumberg  Charleston Backside of Nude 
Jennifer Hall Boggess  Fairmont Borderline 
Kathryn W. Boland  Charleston The Spring House from The Greenbrier:
A Kathy Bolland View Series
Lillianne Dent Bowersock  Ona  French Street Scene 
Jody Boyd (deceased) Sistersville  Cavorting in the Jungle After Dark 
Helen Bratt  Charleston Violets at Base of Pussy Willow Tree 
Jeanne Brenneman  Rupert  Veiled in Beauty 
Doris Bright Buckhannon Canaan Valley Swamp 
Jan Lee Burford  Cross Lanes  Through the Garden Door 
Katherine Talbott Burnside  Parkersburg  Diffused Image 
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Sheila Caim  Creston  Points of Departure 
Victoria Caldwell-Humphrey  Oak Hill Cellular Colors 
Carolyn Cavendish  Charleston Last Fall 
Pat Chapman Huntington Grand Opening 
Helen Z. Chilton  Charleston Cabbages 
Fern Christian Huntington Doorways and Windows 
Margery Clark South Charleston Houses on a Hillside 
Cassie Clements  Morgantown Off the Coast 
Paula Clendenin Charleston Signs and Wonder V 
Suzann Cole Fraziers Bottom Keeper of the Pasture 
Romney Shelton Collins Maxwelton  Still life With Onions 
Violet Coonts  Buckhannon Coal Tipple 
Marilyn Cooper Lewisburg Greenbrier River 
Beth Crowder West Union Parody on the Grass 
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Barbara Daniel Beckley  Fish Tales 
Agnes Huston Daugherty  Charleston Charleston Architecture 
Dorothy Horne Decker Parkersburg  West Virginia Waterfall 
Barbara E. Delligatti  Ona  View From Cheat Mountain, WV  
Dorothy Demboski  Red Creek Germany Valley, WV, 2001 
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Molly Erlandson  Charleston Untitled (Vines on trellis/house with columns)  
Elizabeth Estill  Charleston Tree With Vines 
Sonja E. Evanisko  Shepherdstown  She Goes Where No One Knows 
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Anne H. Foreman  Wheeling Mother and Child 
Esther Forsley  Charleston Summer’s Last Rose 
Sally Fowler South Charleston As Spring Sleeps 
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Mary Ashton Gallagher  Charleston Polynas France 
Lou Riffe Gates  South Charleston Just Relax 
Mirjana Golubovic  Morgantown Celebration 
Sharon Goodman Morgantown Sun and Thorns # 1 
Mary Grassell  Hurricane Firemen’s Carnival 
Sue Greenleaf Cross Lanes Doorways of the South of France 
Jan Griffin Charleston Interior Landscape 
Nancy Gunnoe  Charleston Let the Children 
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Eileen M. Hamilton  South Charleston Autumn Splendor 
Diane Harper Charleston Flower Study on Red Paper  
Dolly Hartman  Charleston Study 
Mary Hartman  Charleston Home 
Debbie Hill Scott Depot Untitled (Laundry on Line) 
Mary Anne Hodson  Beckley The Magnolia Show 
Marjorie Holt (deceased) Charleston A Quiet Cove in WV Mountains 
Nita Honaker  Franklin Mom’s Glasses 
Naomi Hosterman  Charleston Marion College 
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Jo Ann Jacobs  Charleston Spring Garden 
Patricia Jacobson Wheeling Glorious Light of Autumn 
Caroline Jennings  Montgomery Small Street 
Betsy Johnson Charleston Cedar Lakes 
Katharine Johnson Lewisburg Morlunda Cornfields 
Margaret Green Jones Barboursville Eliza’s Glads 
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Barrie Kaufman  Charleston Six Mommies 
Lucina Mabel Keane  Charleston Two Figures 
Deborah A. Keiler  Morgantown Mountain Bluegrass Music 
Benita Keller  Shepherdstown  Sasha at the “People’s Tragedy” Sculpture, Moscow, Russia, 1997 
Catherine Bailey Kerr Hoch  Montgomery Full Bloom 
June Kilgore  Huntington Zen Stones Waiting and Dreaming 
Kathleen Kimble  Charleston Unexpected Warm Front 
Sandra King Clay Luminesce 
Marilyn Kneisley  Charleston House on Meeting Street 
Jeannie Kuhn  Independence Grandpap Rowe’s Whirley-Gig 
Manju Kumar  Charleston Spring Dancers 
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Phyllis Larimer  Charleston Rising Spirit 
Marie E. Leet  Charleston When Morning Dreams Scatter 
Eleanor Legg  Charleston The Town 
Marion Lehman  Charleston City Hall & Kanawha County Courthouse 
Greta J. Leighty  Charleston Flower Study 
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Anne Maser Charleston First Daisies of Summer 
Dorothy Massey  Charleston Seascape 
Christine Maxwell Petersburg Cock of the Walk 
Kemp Littlepage McElwee  Charleston Remote Village in Colombia 
Mary McMinn  Charleston Cabbage Patch 
Betty McMullen  Charleston Elements-Circles and Squares II 
Paula W. McNamara  Charleston Petit Optique 
Patricia H. Miller Charleston Fabric Columns 
Betty Mills Charleston Spring Garden 
Rita Montrosse  Princeton Shawnee Load 
Nancy-Louise Mottesheard  Charleston Inner Growth/Inner Space 
Laura L. Moul  Milton Alaska Tribute 
Marian Murphy Huntington Milton Station 
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Betty Sweet Ness Charleston Canyonland 
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Jean R. Och  Wheeling Spring’s Welcome 
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Ila Rae Parker Charleston Wild Flowers of West Virginia 
Ann Cork Payne Morgantown Flame Azalea 
Lynn Giltinan Payne Charleston Sisters 
Susan Petryszak  Scott Depot  Blushing Pears/Nocturne Series 
Marilyn Hughey Phillis  Wheeling Revelations 
Susan Poffenbarger  Dunbar  Fayette Evening Green 
Vivian R. Pranulis  Alderson  Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Coreopsis In Crystal Vase  
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Eleanor Rashid  Charleston Stellamania 
Evelyn Beall Ray Charleston A Calm Place 
Beverly Rhoads  Buckhannon Ghost Ranch, Rio Chama – Two Views 
Karin Riccardi  Charleston Yellow Fields 
Emily Ritchey  Huntington Untitled  
Pat Roberts Charleston Nuttleburg Coal Tipple, New River Gorge 
Jessica Roczniak  Lewisburg Jarrett's Farm 
Janet Rodriguez Wheeling Twilight 
Emily Roles Charleston Elk River Diptych 
Sally Romayne  Charleston Moonglow XII 
Winter Ross Charleston Winter Goddess 
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Ellie Schaul  Charleston Felicia, Lamb’s Ears, Molson and CT 
Clea Sears Charleston Horizon 
Cher Shaffer  Parkersburg  Three Children Waiting for Mama 
Kikuko Shepherd Lewisburg Wonder of Nature 
Joy Shott Bluefield Winter Garden 
Anne Shreve  Charleston Middle Ridge: Wisteria Morning 
Susan Stiles Sibley  Charleston My Gift 
Patricia L. Sink Charleston Batteau 
Debbie Kalt Sisson  Ripley  Summer Butterfly 
Sarah Smelser  Morgantown Return to My Attention 
Maggie Starcher South Charleston Bouldering 
F. Brown Steele  Franklin Jailbirds 
Linda Charles Stone Madison Evening Begins on the East End 
Barbara Sullivan  Huntington The Princess April 
Patricia Sutphin  Scott Depot The Gourd 
Diana Suttenfield  Shepherdstown  Dumbarton Oaks – Blue Trees 
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Donna Talerico  Matewan  Chez Pascal (Southwestern France) 
Grace Martin Frame Taylor Charleston Green Orchids 
Kathy Thompson Wheeling Rite of Spring 
Caryl Toth  Winfield  Antiquity in Me 
Lynda Tracy Huntington Looking Forward 
Linda J.C. Turner Jane Lew  Tuna Steaks 
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Jane T. Vaught  Gauley Bridge Blue Heron 
Betti Bland Volkers  Charleston Beyond the Bend 


Betty Warner Charleston Afterglow: Sundown in the Blue Ridge 
Jerre P. Watkins  Cross Lanes White Water 
Drema Watts St. Albans Mail Call 
Frankie Wheeler Dunbar  Streets of Hong Kong 
Diane White Charleston Yellow Dancer 
Laura Wiik  Charleston Extended Form #50 
Barbara Marsh Wilson Hurricane Woman With Sick Cat 
Betty Wise Charleston Garden Blossoms 
Julia Fuller Woodford  Charleston Spatterscape 
Eileen Kay Woods Charleston Rest 
Shir Wooton  Beckley Roots 
Pat Workman Charleston After Rain 
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Ida Louise York Hurricane Winter Bliss 
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