• Goals for 2017-18

    Quality Committee

    Maximize the learning and living experience of every UC Student

    • Enhance each school’s growth, quality and viability
    • Strengthen on-line programs
    • Implement innovation across campus
    • Implement co-curricular leadership institute 
    • Complete strategic planning process
    • Develop university-wide initiatives for effectiveness and efficiency
    • Improve retention and graduation rate outcomes

    Vitality Committee

    Ensure the fiscal health of the university

    • Increase enrollment to 2,600
    • Implement new recruitment targets and strategies
    • Meet budgetary targets

    Outreach Committee

    Assure strong and productive relationships with off-campus constituencies

    • Complete  the Innovation marketing campaign
    • Achieve fundraising goals
    • Strengthen alumni engagement and support
    • Maximize the return on athletic investments

    Governance Committee

    Provide superior oversight, direction, and support for the University

    • Restructure the board of trustees
    • Prepare and implement the strategic plan
    • Develop an employee satisfaction survey
    • Implement lean six sigma streamlining methods 
    • Full implementation of the Innovation Center
    • Advance information technology initiatives
    • Institute a risk management process