• Reservations and Policies

    Please contact the Catering and Special Events Staff with any questions.

    In arranging for functions, the definite attendance must be specified six (6) business days in advance. This number will be considered a guarantee, not subject to change, and charges will be made accordingly. For meal functions excluding receptions, we will provide seating and food for an additional 5% beyond the guaranteed number. If the catering office receives no guarantee, we will assume the expected number to be your guarantee. At the completion of each function, either the person in charge or a designated representative must sign all banquet checks. Any discrepancies in counts or charges should be identified and resolved at that time.

    Outside Food Sources

    Neither the client nor its guests or invitees will be permitted to bring food and/or beverages onto the University of Charleston campus.

    Alcoholic Beverages

    The University of Charleston is licensed to sell beer and wine. A corkage fee for wine and champagne may apply, as well as a per person set up fee for all bars. Last Call will be one hour prior to event conclusion. Bar will be closed 30 minutes prior to conclusion of event. University Staff reserve the right to discontinue serving any guest who appears to be intoxicated. In the event that alcohol or liquor is brought onto the campus either by the client or guest the deposit of ($500.00) will be retained and will not be applied to the invoice.

    Removal of Food from University

    Due to the potential for unsafe transfer and storage, no food purchased for consumption at the University of Charleston may be removed from the premises. The reason for this policy is one of compliance with health regulations; food is extremely perishable and, when prepared for on-premise consumption, should not be taken off property. Any food not consumed during the event will remain property of the University. In compliance with West Virginia DUI laws, neither the client nor guest or invitees will be permitted to leave the University premises with alcoholic beverages.


    The University of Charleston will not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise left on the University of Charleston campus prior to or following an event. Arrangements may be made for security of exhibits, merchandise, or display items prior to the event. The University of Charleston may require security guards for certain events.

    Liability Insurance

    In some cases, the client will be required to carry liability insurance. Examples include festivals, events in the Auditorium, etc. If you are unsure as to whether your event will require liability insurance, please feel free to ask the Director of Catering.

    Guest Expectations

    Function guests will be admitted to the banquet room and expected to depart at the time stated on the catering contract.

    Shipping Arrangements

    The client is responsible for the arrangements and all expenses of shipping materials, merchandise, exhibits, or any other items to and from the University. The University of Charleston must be notified in advance of shipping arrangements to ensure proper acceptance of these items at the University.


    The client is responsible for and shall reimburse the University for any damage and/or loss or liability incurred by the University by any of the client's guests or any persons or organizations contracted by the client to provide any service or goods before, during, or after the function. Any items to be put on any meeting or lobby walls and any directional signs must be approved by the University.

    Venue Changes

    The University of Charleston reserves the right to move functions to other meeting or banquet rooms other than those appearing on the catering contract with prior notification.