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    All University of Charleston students have access to four FREE hours (per semester) of online tutoring through.

    Online Tutoring Anywhere, Anytime

    • Math - Introductory Anatomy & Physiology - Biology - Chemistry - Organic Chemistry
    • Physics - Economics - Finance - Accounting - Statistics - Spanish - Writing - Reading - Computers &Technology

    With smarthinking, you can 

    • Connect with an e-structor and interact with a live tutor.
    • Schedule a Personal Session with an e-structor of your choice.
    • Submit your writing for any class to our Online Writing Lab.
    • Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor.

    Follow these steps to get started

    • Click on this link: http://services.smarthinking.com
    • Log in. Your username is UCfirstnamelastname and your password is river.
    • Complete or edit the information in the About Me tab of your Smarthinking homepage.

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    For more detailed information download the Smarthinking Student Handbook.


    Contact Allison Grassie, Director, Academic Success Center